Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Sorry, there was no update yet - why?
Because a bot marked our blog as a spam blog, so it was not possiple for us to publish new posts.

But lets turn to the good news - because we've been so successfull (about 2000 visitors a day in the first week), we are very motivated - so we are working on a new professional design for japan-fun.com.

Maybe you like our funny movies and you wan't to support us?
We always searching for funny stuff - so if you got some funny clips, pictures or maybe a DVD of a TV show - contact us please!

1 comment:

mizuki_chang said...

ne... ne... ne.... im really glad that you guys come up with this idea... it would be my pleasure to contribute to your site....>_<

im your no.1 FAN.... ne ne ne...

by the way...im from the philippines and been an otaku for years.... >_<

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